Memorise easily with the stars


For many, memorising a piece of music can be a daunting prospect. With memorystars it no longer needs to be. They gently stimulate the memory by covering increasingly large areas of the score until you suddenly find you don’t need it any longer.

As a professional pianist I have found that memorystars have literally halved the time I need to memorise a piece of music. It’s fun and requires less effort!

The visible parts of the score serve as prompts, taking away that unnerving feeling of suddenly being faced with no music. The arrangement of the stars also ensures that the covered areas are as varied as possible.

Playing from memory gives you so much more freedom and a deeper connection with the music. I hope memorystars will help you to enjoy this wonderful feeling!

Sam Haywood
Concert pianist and creator of memorystars

Small bronze star sheet

Medium silver star sheet

Large gold star sheet

Each sheet is made of high quality clear PVC and printed with opaque metallic ink.


I recently tried them out on my 7 year old son who was learning a short beginners piano piece. He is the kind of kid who is usually glued to the music and finds it challenging to memorise music.

The result – miraculous! I kid you not, within 15 minutes he’d memorised his little piece.

Nicole Wilson

Musical Orbit


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